Heartbreak Nation was born as an online fanzine on 2014. It remained as a digital publication until 2017, when its fifth and last issue was published on print on a collaboration with Teenage Editions and Pettirosso Press.

Aiming to create a safe space inside the self-publishing scene, the zine compilated visual and written work created by artists all over the world, focusing especially on the experiences and work of those creators who usually find more obstacles when trying to publish on the mainstream media.

You can buy the fifth issue of the zine here.

"The appearance of new means of communication and entertainment, along with the development of both mainstream and underground fashion and culture, and the inevitable explosion of social networks, has given place to a certain narcissistic obsession with aesthetics... We’re running away from this.

In a world in which aesthetics have become so important and crucial, but not in order to create and inspire by doing what you love, instead, for building a showcase of how you wish people would perceive you, we’re trying to find a shelter where we can create by the simple pleasure and pride of doing what fulfills us.

The whole idea of making art, and in this case, more specifically zines, doesn’t reduce itself to the wish of creating visually pleasing images. We’re painting, drawing, writing, taking pictures and, in a whole, working on this content with our raw souls. We don’t create to barely be seen, we don’t write to barely be heard: we’re trying to communicate, and we’re choosing art as the mean for it.

Our art will not be shallow. Our words will not be mute. Our eyes will never be blinded and our hearts will never be cold enough not to be touched by the world around us.

While you’re looking at these pictures and reading these words, you’re glancing at the purest and more genuine version of each one of us, sensing our fears and breathing our passions. We don’t intend to dress up as the people we will never be. We don’t intend to create versions of ourselves or our lives.

We refuse to embrace an ideology because of how it would sound on our mouths when we talk about it. We refuse to embrace an ideology because of the idea of us it will forge on people’s minds. We refuse to embrace an ideology for any other reason except that we truly believe in it.

Our art may be more or less mature, but our art is ourselves. Our ideas may be more or less idealistic, struggling in a world in which what doesn’t revolve around money and the ‘accepted’ way of acting is instantly rejected, but our ideas are ours. And they are not prefabricated. We’re not prefabricated."

- Manifesto for the first issue of Heartbreak Nation (2014)

Heartbreak Nation's fifth issue launching was celebrated on Espacio Ananas (Madrid, Spain) on the 17th February 2018.

All pictures were taken by Davit Ruiz.

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