"I glorify hysterical actions. They are powerful gestures, a form of resistance when one is in a weak position.” 

- Pipilotti Rist

27 de Noviembre or Cuerpo Triste (November 27th - also called Sad Body) is a photo/videoperformance project that analyzes the relationship between sadness, the subject and body, and the social surroundings, as well as the feeling of alienation from one's own body and its non normative functioning under a capitalistic society. In contrast to the Western philosophical tradition that prioritizes rationality over what's purely physical or sensorial, this project uses movement as a basic tool to interpretate and establish a dialogue with the body.

November 27th

Today I felt very sad. I sometimes feel this is everything there is: this sadness that is so big and that dyes my entire world. I sometimes feel this is everything that there is left. In my life. In my world. In my body. The sadness I feel is horrible because it makes me feel a lot of fear. I shrink my body and feel my skin soaked with fear. I sometimes feel I no longer exist. Neither me nor my body, but the body of a sad person. Each time more distant. Less recognizable. Less mine and more belonging to that sad person. The sadness I feel is horrible because it makes me feel very lonely. Sad bodies don't interact with other bodies. Sad bodies are lonely bodies.

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