Inés Cardó (La Paz, Bolivia, 1999) is a fine arts student at Complutense University of Madrid. Her work revolves mainly around cultural identity, womanhood and nostalgia. She is interested in photography, self-publishing, collage and mixed media, paying special attention to the connotations of the different materials and techniques used in her artistic process.

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We Don't Care Anymore - Junior High Gallery (April 2017 - Los Angeles, US). Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Silvia Pérez.
Festeen - Matadero de Madrid (October 2016, Madrid, Spain)
We Don't Care Anymore - Espacio Ananas (March 2016 - Madrid, Spain) Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Girlswho.

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