Safety Blanket is both a performance and an open workshop that mirrors Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner collective’s working dynamics and research. Four knitters sit on the floor and work on a collective multiple-edged scarf, a safety blanket, as viewers are invited to participate, to sit and knit with us or learn to. The repetitive act of knitting becomes a ritual and the knitting piece, a magical object, pushing bodies together in intimate and spontaneous connections and transforming the atmosphere of the space where the action takesplace.

Safety Blanket is not only the act of creatinga physical object, but everything that happens while our bodies are connected by a net that keeps on growing through our hand’s work: it is the time and people passing by in contrast to our slow activity, it is our conversations and our interactions.

By the intrinsic marginal aspect of both theact of knitting and the spontaneity of the performance, Safety Blanket brings up questions regarding the expectations of female presence in society, academia and the art world, as well as questioning what forges community.

Safety Blanket has been performed at 

Chelsea College of Arts, London (3/12/2019)

Wadham College, Oxford (6/02/2020)

Online and internationally through Skype versions of the knitting circle during the times of quarantine on the month of March 2020.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is a collective formed by Chelsea College of Arts students Inés Cardó, Jessie Evans, Katerina Mimikou and Sophie Dickson.

The group’s research focuses on different themes and approaches regarding the ideas of home, domesticity, social roles and community. Our working methods consist on alternative processes of creating and exchanging knowledge based on everyday actions and community activities, such as organizing film clubs or knitting circles. We believe that these banal activities are, in fact, performative actions that lead us to establish powerful nets of intimacy and to subjectivize the academic space.

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