Inés Cardó (La Paz, Bolivia, 1999) is a Fine Art student at Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK).

Her current research and work focus on intimacy, the poetics and politics of home and the relationship between bodies and spaces.



September 28th 2019 - PUWERTY FESTIVAL, La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain): Collage & Identidad (Collage & Identity).


April 2017 - Los Angeles, US: We Don't Care Anymore - Junior High Gallery. Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Silvia Pérez.
October 2016 - Madrid, Spain: Festeen - Matadero de Madrid.
March 2016 - Madrid, Spain: We Don't Care Anymore - Espacio Ananas. Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Girlswho.


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