b. 1999. Peruvian/Spanish artist based between London and Madrid.

Part of the performance collective Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.



My work is the space where language, migration, identity, and memory intersect in a combination of text, video, sound, and independent publishing. Through an autoethnographic approach, unpacking lived experiences and subjective memories becomes a method to analyse wider socio-political issues from an embodied perspective. I believe the production of art is always an act of situated thought and therefore understand my practice and areas of interest as the consequence of personal experiences, political contexts, my cultural identity and migrations between South America and Europe.

My work is a multisensory conversation. Bodies speak, listen. Their words are tactile. At times voices take over, becoming their surrogate presence. Archived in bodies, stories unveil the subjective as an intrinsic and essential part of the political, revealing an intergenerational, continuous, and embodied memory. I am interested in exploring the many alternative forms of memory that offer ways of escaping Western, rationalist, and anthropocentric perspectives, such as land/soil memory, oral memory, and body memory with an emphasis on matrilineality.

My work is a dialogue between myself and the collective, analysing the construction of identities as a constant and social process. I aim to create spaces of confession and spontaneous interpersonal connection, and use collaboration, intimacy, and storytelling as tactics of resistance that enable horizontal and accessible exchanges of knowledge.

My work is the liminal space of what gets lost in translation, that space where words move like bodies. It is the recognition of the untranslatable, of the limits of language and the limits of bodies. At times, it is also the denial to translate, the aim to subvert the power dynamics in language. 

Selected Exhibitions

December 3rd-5th, 2021 - London, UK: Late at Tate Britain - 'Finding Home' display, curated by Tate Collective.

June 14th-23rd, 2021 - London, UK: Fine Art Degree Open Studios at Chelsea College of Arts.

June 3rd-18th, 2021 - online showcase: XHBIT, programmed by Arts SU.

March 6th-8th, 2020 – London, UK: DOMESTICATED Exhibition – Private Location. Self-organised featuring students from the Fine Art BA at Chelsea College Of Arts whose work deals with matters of domesticity and gender.

February 6th, 2020 - Oxford, UK: 'Safety Blanket' performance at Wadham College, Oxford. Organized by Oxford University's Fine Arts Society.

May 8th, 2019 - Madrid, Spain: El país de los tuertos 2019 - Círculo de Bellas Artes.

October 2016 - Madrid, Spain: Festeen - Matadero de Madrid.

Other Work Experience

May 21st 2021 - Online: 'Murals for Resistance' event organiser (for Street Corner Reading Rooms seminar, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL) inviting the collective Colectivo Shipibas Muralistas (Lima, Peru) to discuss their mural-painting practice as part of the Shipibo culture and as a means of collective healing and resistance.

February 3rd - March 1st 2020 - London, UK: 'A Life (Black & White)' - Tate Modern. Performer for the activation of the piece 'A Life (Black & White) by Nedko Solakov. 

September 28th 2019 - Madrid, Spain: Workshop Collage & Identidad at Puwerty Festival, La Casa Encendida.

Selected Commissioned Work

ROOKIE MAGAZINE ROOKIE Magazine: Finding Home  (January 2016)

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