I'm a Fine Art student at Chelsea College of Arts (London, UK).

My current research and work focus on language, immigration, community and work/labour.



September 28th 2019 - PUWERTY FESTIVAL, La Casa Encendida (Madrid, Spain): Collage & Identidad (Collage & Identity).

Exhibitions and Performances

March 6th-8th 2020 – London, UK: DOMESTICATED Exhibition – Private Location. Self-organised featuring students from the Fine Art BA at Chelsea College Of Arts whose work deals with matters of domesticity and gender.

February 6th 2020 - Oxford, UK: 'Safety Blanket' performance at Wadham College, Oxford. Organized by Oxford University's Fine Arts Society.

February 3rd - March 1st 2020 - London, UK: 'A Life (Black & White)' - Tate Modern. Performer for the activation of the piece 'A Life (Black & White) by Nedko Solakov. 

April 2017 - Los Angeles, US: We Don't Care Anymore - Junior High Gallery. Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Silvia Pérez.

October 2016 - Madrid, Spain: Festeen - Matadero de Madrid.

March 2016 - Madrid, Spain: We Don't Care Anymore - Espacio Ananas. Curated by Espacio Ananas, Alicia Milktooth & Girlswho.


Commisioned work

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